Review: Cloud Necklace

So, I received my new Cloud Necklace the other day. I was really excited to get it, as it was a major splurge (at least for a necklace), and looked sooo pretty online.

First, it did come beautifully wrapped in bubbles and tissue paper, inside a J. Crew box, and even tied with a ribbon. Love that!

And it IS so pretty in real life too! Great color, pinkish but not bright. Will depend a lot on what you wear with it, as it takes up the color from your top/sweater/etc. It is a very good length, and also adjustable with the ribbon. Falls and lays beautifully, perhaps with the exception that the two strands overlap slightly at the bottom -- haven't decided if the shorter strand should be on top or beneath the longer one, but I'm sure I'll figure it out...

And, it's not heavy at all. Well, you can feel it of course, but since it's not glass but resin beads, I think it is actually lighter than for example the Glass-Bead Ribbon Necklace that I also have.

It's definitly a statement piece. If that is what you are after, put the Cloud Necklace on your short list.


Anonymous said...

good review, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!